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Testing apps shouldn't be painful

Calabash is our free and open source framework for testing iOS and Android applications.
It gives you the industry's most powerful framework for testing both native and hybrid apps on the two most popular mobile platforms.

Give it a try today and us know what you think.

If you need help with Calabash we are happy to help you. Take a look at our rates for support and training or use the mailing lists for free community support.
› Scenario: Open a step definition from the steps list

›   Given my app is running
›   And I wait for "The LessPainful companion" to appear
›   Then take picture

›   Then I press the menu key
›   Then take picture

›   And I select "Steps" from the menu
›   Then I see "Pick a step"

Real Devices, fully automated

Use our Device Clouds to test your Android and iOS apps on many real devices in parallel. The Device Clouds support fully automated testing as well as visual test reports for manual inspection.

Our visual test reports show you exactly what your app looks like on different models. Spotting problems and differences is quick and easy. Sign up and start testing on a wide range of devices in minutes.

Shared or Private Cloud

A Shared Cloud is a set of devices that is shared between multiple customers. It gives you test coverage on a wide range of devices at low cost.

A Private Cloud is a test environment dedicated to a single customer. The environment is tailor-made to that customers needs: devices, location, sim cards, possibly custom access patterns and security needs.

Shared clouds have the lowest cost whereas the private clouds offers the most customization and speed.

For more information about private clouds: contact@lesspainful.com

Comparative Test Results

OS versions, skins, hardware and screen resolutions all provide visual and functional differences. Use our test report system to quickly identify any problems with your app. Try it for yourself